It is commonly accepted that the agricultural production has been reduced since the adoption of new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in 2003. Furthermore volatile agricultural markets have increased dramatically the uncertainty of the farmers for their future. On the other hand two key elements such as the new CAP after 2013 and the consumers are increasing the demand for safer products with high environmental commitments for the farmers. Under these circumstances alternative ways are needed in order to improve the existing agricultural techniques, provide better services as well as safer products, according to specific and more focused schemes and training, designed for the agricultural holdings and the farmers. These services and products will be based on new trends in agricultural and food sector, as well as the local tradition, expected to provide an instrument for the sustainable development of agriculture and support the income of the farmers. These activities could be with the appropriate training an instrument for the growth of all sectors of economy of rural areas and the improvement of quality of life of residents.

This online training platform is established in order to provide innovative knowledge and training in good practices and skills. In a user friendly environment, taking into account the specific needs of an “average” level farmer, accessible from all available IT equipment such as PCs, netbooks, smartphones etc. all the training material is related to good agricultural practices, legal issues and new technologies in agriculture and will be enriched according to well defined demands.

The main objectives of the partnership are the following:
  • To establish an effective web tool accessible from any farmer willing to improve his knowledge in farming
  • Promote the idea of e-learning in agriculture
  • Establish a base for the next step to a wider project of innovation
A program funded by the European Union